Sunday, July 2

I realize graduate students think that life couldn’t be any more hectic than being in grad school, but grad school days are actually quite carefree compared to faculty life. Many more obligations and much stricter deadlines follow.

Given all this, I find it unfortunate when students send faculty queries they could get an answer to by consulting easily accessibly resources. They likely already spend plenty of time online so how about using that time to find that syllabus? Or how about asking the departmental assistant if human contact is of utmost importance? It would be great if students could refrain from emailing faculty members to ask about registration deadlines, to request a copy of a reading that is already posted on the Web or to find out when they have to arrive on campus to start a new program. Students should do at least a bit of research first. Not only is it annoying to get these queries, the student sends a really bad message about their research capabilities. Alternatively, they are suggesting that they have very little respect for the faculty member, not the best impression to make.


Anonymous said...

Although I'm personally more annoyed by instances in which I've felt like senior faculty members have treated me like their secretary.

Navy Blue Blob said...

For sure there is that. I think we've all been there. In fact, I'm sure entire posts could be - and probably will be - written about that bit. But I felt like this lesser known direction was worth pointing out.

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