Friday, July 21
"Have you tried on our jeans before?" says the nice man at the Gap. Is there anyone in the western world who hasn't tried on Gap jeans before?

The trouble we were having with communication was my fault, really. I refused to let go of my version of reality and adopt the Gap mindset. I'm average height 5'6" -- which is just a bit taller than the mean height of women in the US ('5", so I've heard) -- and so it confuses me that I'm to wear the "ankle" length pants, not the regular length. It's ankle now, not short, which it used to be. Ankle is the new short.

And I also can't understand why the "curvy" shape jeans, with bigger bums, are sized to fit tighter than the "long and lean" shape jeans, such that the same size jeans in the "long and lean" are too big when the curvies fit.

But what I really couldn't get my brain wrapped around was the fact that the different cuts of jeans were also different styles. I kept asking him, so, if my bum is big (which, I might proudly add, it is), I can't have the crisp, dark jeans? I can only have the washed-up looking ones?

"Have you tried on our jeans before?" he tried again.


Cerise said...

I finally found a pair of jeans that mostly fit me (in LEI short--they still have "short," but then, I actually am) and had the same problem, namely that the style/cut that fit me only comes in one wash. The other washes are all different styles. This makes no sense.

Orange Ina said...

OMG, I hate it when salespeople are that unresponsive. As if ignoring our question would suddenly make us forget the concern.

I recall having a similar problem recently in the Gap. I wanted a particular color, but the size I was looking at only came in a different shade. Who comes up with these decisions? Or was it that every average height person was interested in wash type x and they've all been sold, while every tall person was interested in wash type y and those have all been sold leaving it to _look_ like they hadn't been made in all sizes. I think not.

fraud, in denim said...

Have you tried Gap online? It's the only place I've been able to find the cut I like in the wash I like.

Plus they have free shipping (for a certain minimum that fluctuates) and you can return to any store what you don't like or doesn't fit.

Clear said...

My spouse steadfastly refuses to let me shop at the Gap, although strangely has no problem with Banana Republic.

fraud, in denim said...

Do you remember when Banana Republis stores used to look like a jungle camp (and the staff dressed like guides)? It's a far cry from what it is now.

I'll bet that was an interesting transition, but I have no idea when it occurred. It did occur, right? Or is the "old" Banana Republic just some strange fantasy I had?

lime said...

Yes, it happened -- when the Gap bought them out.

atomic tangerine said...

I recently found a fit of jeans at the Gap that works for me, and every time I see a pair in one of the two sizes that fits, I just buy them. I figure, we're looking at a few years of skinny-leg jeans coming down the pike (already being phased in) and that's not a look that's ever going to be tenable for me, so I need to stock up.

But it is so frustrating to have to try on 3 sizes of every style of jeans there, because you don't know if they're going to be running small or big or what. My favorite are the ones that are clearly meant to be worn ridiculously tight - to the point where apparently the Gap actually intends that you have muffintops.

As far as salespeople go, Victoria's Secret is the worst, though.

Cerise said...

Muffin tops? Please elaborate.

fraud, in denim said...

When your stomach, love-handles, cheeks, whatever, stick out of the top of your entirely too tight pants.

dawn said...

I haven't ever tried Gap jeans. I think I'm out of the loop. Ack!

Although, as a self-professed granola girl, I'm happily so.

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