Saturday, July 8
As per the note on the sidebar of this blog, in addition to having our members post elaborate (or not) secrets, we are also exploring graphical representations of academic secrets. So if you are not a member (or even if you are), we invite you to send in a secret in graphical representation. We got the idea from the site Post Secret.

Note that these short secrets have to be _graphical_ representations. We have now received a few submissions, but they are all just simple text. That won't do. Please resend them in graphical form for consideration. Also, we reserve the right not to post a graphical secret if we deem it inappropriate. We reserve the right to determine what we consider inappropriate.

As clarification I wanted to mention - in response to an email we received recently - that we were not striving to be an academic Post Secret site. That component is just something we added, because it has the potential to be interesting in addition to the core mission of the site: to allow academics (members and visitors alike) to discuss whatever is on their mind.


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