Saturday, July 29
I've got this great idea for a new TV show. It would have the same basic premise as "So You Think You Can Dance." Only instead, it would be called "So You Think You Can Get An Outside Offer," and would feature earlyish-career professors at public universities who understand that there is a two-tiered salary system and don't want to spend their whole life on the junior varsity tier if they can avoid it. I know, no one would actually watch it, especially since so much of the 'action' would take place over e-mail.


Cerise said...

I used to tell people I thought that more TV should feature graduate students. I wasn't thinking reality shows, just, you know, maybe a crime-solving grad student or a Scrubs-esque science lab full of them. Even other grad students think this is a dumb idea.

kodachrome said...

Pa ha ha ha ha! Scarlett you crack me up! Glad you're back.

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