Friday, September 8
A graduate student e-mailed me earlier to report the following interaction with an elderly faculty member. A few days earlier, the Professor had returned a copy of Student's vita and statements for the job market with suggestions for a revision. Then:

Professor: Can I have a copy of your vita and statements for the job market so
that I can use them to write my letter of recommendation?

Student: Sure. But I haven't made the changes you suggested yet. Would you like
me to make those revisions first or to give you another copy as is?

Professor: Just give it to me as is. I just need it for reference.

Student prints documents and gives them to Professor. Then, 30 minutes later, Professor returns and hands the documents to Student, having marked them up with virtually the same revisions and comments as the versions given and returned a few days earlier.

Professor: I have a few suggestions for you. I'll need another copy of these so that I can write my letter of recommendation.


fraud, in denim said...

Were the suggestions the same?


kodachrome said...

pa ha ha ha. Ouch! I just bit my tongue trying not to say all the things I want to say on how one could inquire about a friend's sanity. The bottom line, as you might suspect from a clod like Koda is that I haven't a clue. But I've learned this in the last few months: It was a lot easier to ask Friend A whether s/he is transexual (yes) than it was to ask Friend B whether s/he was losing his/her mind (no answer).

Speaking of elderly colleagues, my department actually has a "checking in" schedule for our most senior member. S/he spends lots of time in the office, so there is a not-so-tacit understanding that we're supposed to stop in and say hello whenever we can.

Navy Blue Blob said...

Wow, this one is harsh. It really does give us profs a bad name, doesn't it? Poor student, I'd feel pretty crappy. for several reasons.