Monday, September 25
Junior professors care most about respect and the climate of departments

Holy Sh*t!

I want to add that departments with bad culture for junior faculty MIGHT also underpay junior faculty, so getting out doesn't necessarily mean a pay cut, even if reports of average wages by rank and discipline at the various universities would seem to indicate that would be the case. My experience is that departments with bad climate often have outliers in their salary distributions mucking-up the big picture. I would also think the argument should be extended to women, people of color, international scholars, and several other classes of minorities--both from the perspective of caring about climate and compensation and from the perspective of actually getting compensation from a department with bad climate.


Chartreuse Circe said...

I think you're spot-on, Kodachrome. We have some pretty major climate problems at my home institutation, and that's absolutely going to outweight the salary.

Tiffany Robertson said...

I can agree that collegiality can matter most, but I think everyone need to have the right salary they deserve. You work so hard to help with thesis writing and eventually graduate, and then you end up with a mediocre job with below salary. That is certainly unacceptable. Anyway, good luck with it.