Thursday, June 29
So, if once the invitations go out, people do show up to our party and start posting, you may notice that all of their pseudonyms are colors. Why? Plaid and I thought it would be good for the secret-team-blog aesthetic if the pseudonyms were all connected somehow. Plaid pleaded for us to use causes of death, but, as both the more sensitive and sensible member of this duo, I vetoed that, and eventually we agreed upon colors.

You might object that Clear and Plaid are not colors. Yes, we know this, we are not chromorons. The idea is that the administrator pseudonyms would be names that were associated with colors but not actually colors.

Incidentally, display names in Blogger are easily changed, so if a contributor doesn't like their name/color they can switch any time, although I think doing so will also switch all of their old posts to the new color. To my knowledge, there isn't anything in Blogger that prevents two people on a team blog from having the same display name, although I would assign that to the category of problems whose solution we will wait to ponder until it actually arises.


thistle said...

The first thing I thought of when I read about the "colors" scheme was this awesome story from This American Life about "Color Days" at summer camp.
Seriously funny.
I think having each of the academicsecret bloggers compete in some sort of virtual color days competition should be an annual event at academicsecret.
Notes on Camp/ Note 6
Episode 109