Wednesday, February 14
I received this in my inbox today:

Tens of thousands of academic couples are searching for jobs in the same city. Now Inside Higher Ed ( introduces Dual Career Search -- a way for couples to conduct joint job searches. Give it a try, at

To celebrate the launch of Dual Career Search, Inside Higher Ed is sponsoring the Commuting for Love contest. Readers are invited to submit stories of their challenging academic commutes -- 1,000 words or less. We'll post the best stories on Inside Higher Ed, and pick one couple to win one round-trip airfare between any two U.S. cities (up to $500).

To show a little more love, Inside Higher Ed will send a box of chocolates to the first five academic couples who report that they found jobs in the same city using the Dual Career Search.


Wow! A whole box of chocolates! That's the incentive we've all been waiting for to launch a dual career search.


strawberries said...

my secret (well not so secret if you know me) is that i wish i had someone to have a commuting for love problem with.

Anonymous said...

Uh huh. Call me a pessimist, but I'm thinking that Inside Higher Ed is going to have some boxes of stale chocolates.

It's hard enough for one person to get a job interview someplace, let alone a job there, and then, just because there are other listings on this site for other jobs available in the same city, they think that the partner will also get the job interview and job that they're hoping for? What if the love of your life is also an economist searching for a tenure-track job. The search terms are the same and the system just gets depressing.