Wednesday, November 1
I almost got sucked into a really unnecessary online discussion about some topic that's close to my heart. Does everyone here know what trolls are? Trolls are people who seem to be engaged with you in a discussion seriously, but in reality are just trying to derail the conversation. They are to be avoided. The only outcome of engaging in a discussion with a troll is rising blood pressure and major frustration. Oh, plus lots of time lost. So stay away from them.

I am so proud of myself for having removed myself from that discussion just in time! I had to share this with my fellow a.secreteers.

And how is everyone? Are people walking away from a.secret? No secrets to speak of these days? Everything is going great for everyone?


Anonymous said...

i'm still here!
and glad that you walked away from the trolls! i never can manage to not get engaged and then end up angry.

my most recent a.secret? i have been hiding out from my visiting position and doing work at home. I am growing to not like these people.

all i'm gonna say is people at depts/universities who have janitors are quite fortunate.

Anonymous said...

ps. this blog rocks, I hope you guys don't abandon it!

Anonymous said...

I'm still around! I'm kind of a lurker since I only comment anonymously. I have to say that fear of engaging with trolls is what keeps me from commenting on almost all the blogs I frequent. I got burned long, long ago on a listserv conversation (before chat rooms & blogs existed)and having people misunderstand my comments still scares me. But a.secret is the one place I will put up a comment - it feels safe & friendly here. So please don't go away!

Salmon Ella said...

I'm still here, just ultra super duper busy!

Turquoise Stuff said...

Anon - great to hear that you feel safe here and find the place friendly, I do, too.

Nice to hear from others as well.