Tuesday, November 21

So I was wondering the other night when I couldn't sleep about what I could and couldn't blog about, for fear of anonymity purposes.

And I couldn't think of anything for here that I could share. Partly becasue I have been really wrapped up in this one project and my life has been lame as a result.

But anyway, the question that came to mind was this, why have people chosen the colors/names they have on this blog? Does it say something about you academically? non-academically? does it say something or nothing? basically, why did you pick your name?

I'll start and tell you why I picked strawberries, and why.

Strawberries are my FAVORITE fruit. and I love red, partly because it looks great on me with my hair color. But also, its my favorite person in the world's favorite color, and so I have always liked the color for because it reminds me of that person. But what does strawberries mean to me?

When I think of strawberries I think of babies with their rosy red cheeks, and I love babies, and they are so cute, and I want babies. But of course, in order to have babies, I would like to have a husband, and well, I'm lacking in that area. And also, though it is *way* to early to be worrying about this... I know that it will be super hard to have cute starberry cheeked babies as a professor, if I want to stay at home at all with hypothetical baby strawberry, and that brings up all those things that I worry about, the difficulty of getting my desired job in desired place as a woman, and how hard it will be to try and get tenure as a woman with a baby/child.

And what does being a strawberry say about me? Well, strawberries, while the best fruit ever, are also quite fragile. They must be packed specially, especially for transport. And I am also very fragile. In life outside the ivory tower, I am known to cry quite a bit at sad situations. But also when hurt by people. Inside the ivory tower, I lack confidence. Sometimes I have it, and sometimes, I don't. Usually when I need it, it's not there. Just like you can get a good strawberry that has made it though the transport process, sometimes I feel more like a slightly bruised strawberry who wants to be the best tasting one in the bunch.

But of course I didn't think about all this when I picked strawberries. That day, I looked at the other colors, read their names. Saw pumpkin, thought, mmm, I like pumpkins. I also really like strawberries and red cheeked babies. And red is nice. I'll be strawberries.

What about you?


fraud, in denim said...

I wish I had something as eloquent to write about my name.

I came here and posted whispers as fraud. Later, when I was invited to join as a regular poster, I had to choose a color but wasn't quite ready to let go of that fraud-quality so I had to think of a way to add some color to it.

I thought about on golden fraud, but I'm not all that golden. fraud, in denim made sense because I wear jeans whenever possible, but also because I was feeling a little blue.

It works because some days I feel more fraudulent, some days more blue, and some days more comfortable, like a worn pair of denim jeans.

Turquoise Stuff said...

Nice post, Strawberries, thanks!

I, too, don't think I have anything as eloquent and well thought-out, even in retrospect.

Like you, Strawberries, I picked the color based on preference. I like turquoise. Of course, turquoise can be lots of different colors, so to illustrate what version I like, I created my little icon.

Regarding "stuff", I chose it precisely because it is so vague and general. I figured whatever I picked, my interests and preferences would change over time so it was good to go with something relatively all-encompassing.

I don't know, could the fact that I'm a pack-rat have influeced that choice?:)

Dandelion said...

I actually spent a dorkily long time thinking about what colors I liked, and what colors had cool names, and where they would fit in the list of colors in the sidebar and whether they'd clash with their alphabetical neighbors. And then I found this icon and had to pick Dandelion.
Yellow makes me happy, though. It's so nice and sunny.

Salmon Ella said...

There is no deep explanation for my name. I wanted something that reflects my academic interests (kind of, anyway) and I also wanted something that was a play on words. Salmon Ella was one of the first things I thought of. I figured Wisteria monocytogenes was too long, ha ha.

Dandelion said...

Wisteria monocytogenes is an awesome name! It is a pity it's so long, or I'd be tempted to steal it :)

Navy Blue Blob said...

Could you shorten it to Wysteria Monocyt?

As for me, I just like blue so I picked it. I also like the word blob, although I really can't explain why. I'm also not sure why I didn't simply go with Blue Blob and why I had to specify that it's Navy Blue Blob. Perhaps because I didn't want to be mistaken for another type of blue, like powder blue or some such thing. Plus I suspect this was on the Crayola list. (Wait, is there such a thing as powder blue? I meant the light version.)

Orange Ina said...

My name is a bit like Salmon Ella's. It makes sense when read together, but also makes sense separately. I can't remember if I registered before Salmon or after. If I registered after then perhaps her name inspired my name. Otherwise, I'm just not sure anymore. Oh, and I happen to like the drink.:)

strawberries said...

thanks for sharing, everyone! your stories are very interesting :o)

Salmon Ella said...

Wisteria is taken now, so it might be a little redundant to have a Wisteria monocytogenes. Too bad! Salmon needs a little pal.

Orange Ina--I don't know if I registered before or after you, either, but I also like Orangina and considered that name, too! Great minds... :)

Ms.PhD said...

Strawberry reminds me of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, because that's what the magic (drug) dealer calls Willow when he rapes her mind. He says she smells like strawberries.

wisteria said...

You're damn right that Wisteria is taken, Strawberries! I picked that name because it's my favorite flower, and I love the color (a pale violet). Think the sun-kissed walls of an Italian villa with wisteria sinuously entwining around a slightly rusty gutter and onto the terrace, the sound of crickets and the sweet perfume of blossoming jasmine in the air...

wisteria said...

oops sorry Salmon, I realized that it was you - not Strawberries - to have brought up my name. Anyway, excellent taste ;-)