Tuesday, April 17
This morning, as I tried to summon the will to get out of bed, this happy thought crossed my mind, "Oh, thank god, I get to do my taxes first thing this morning, instead of working on the research project that is ruining my life and potentially driving me out of graduate school."

When filing federal taxes* seems like a blessed respite from the emotional drama of my research project, there might be room for improvements in my work-life.

And speaking of that cursed project, I've reached the point where opening the laptop and trying to work on the project feels like sitting down to coffee with someone who has just dumped you but still want to be 'friends'. To paraphrase Dorotha Harried, why do i let 80's movies happen in my research projects? haven't i learned by now?

*which I know will result in me owing a lot of money because you can't have automatic withholding of fellowship money (?!?)


Anonymous said...

I've always loved filling out forms, so taxes, job applications, and the like really, really appeal to me. Well, I should say that they once appealed to me. This year, as a struggling assistant professor, I despise forms and find them a huge waste of time. I even filled out one dependent care sheet and copied it 11 times so I wouldn't have to keep filling out that same three lines every month. So, with my new-found hatred of forms, I filed all my taxes, even the two state taxes, online, and let some electronic program have all the filling out form fun!