Tuesday, October 10
My university IT people keep messing around with the email servers. Over the last couple of days it's been 50/50 whether my email was working. At one point, I didn't receive email for twelve hours. This interrupted a tense email exchange with my advisor.

I'm so codependent with my advisor that not knowing whether she had emailed me back and knowing that she was mad at me sent me into a panic attack. I almost called her to say that my email was down to prevent her from thinking I was ignoring her.

I want to drag the IT people into my therapy session this week, so they can see the devastation they hath wrought.

Update: 23 hours later
My advisor got over it, and we are now back to being the best of friends. We had a super productive substantive meeting yesterday. The kind where you realize your advisor is actually smarter than you, and knows amazing things.


Clear said...

I had a tense exchange that was interrupted by my e-mail actually somehow vanishing into the ether without being received, which led to much awkward following confusion.

Turquoise Stuff said...

Really sorry to hear this, thistle, it sucks. All I can recommend is seeking out alternatives to the main IT system. There are lots of free options out there now that should allow you to sidestep the system. Of course, assuming your advisor uses the same system, this may not really help overall.:-(

Dandelion said...

That must have been stressful. I'm glad it all worked out :)

fraud, in denim said...

I'm glad that it's behind you. :)

I have a love/hate relationship with email for this reason and many others.

Bill said...

Gee-what happens when the power goes out?

dave metty said...

what on earth is this world coming to when a person wants compesation for their own feelings... sorry I had to go there... Im sick and tired of hearing about people wanting somthing in exchanges for the only damn thing they are in full control of... themselves

glad you got your email back and running... it is truly stressfull when we cannot get access to what we have always had easy consistent access to.

enjoy your way