Wednesday, March 28
Does anyone know where Spring Break went? I know I had it on my calendar. I dreamt about it and all that I would accomplish during five glorious, student-free days. Yet here it is, almost Easter, an indication that Spring Break is behind me, and I have no recollection of those glorious days and nothing more to show for it. In other words, I didn't get nearly as much accomplished during that time off as I hoped for. And now, like sands through the hourglass, Spring Break has slipped through my fingers. I'm destined to keep plugging, a little at a time, until summer, when I once again can work with the fervor that the tenure-track requires around here.

Next Spring Break, regardless of how much or how little I accomplish, I'm taking a day off, so that I know that Spring Break really happened. Or I could just not bother writing it on my calendar and getting my hopes up.


Poppy Red said...

I think Spring Break and the Easter Bunny have a lot in common, actually.

Really, though, I wholeheartedly support taking a day off sometimes. We deserve it! And our breaks should be at least a teeny bit of a break. Not that I took one, sigh. But next year, next year!! (Oh, wonderful next year, when I hope to defend the diss; I plan to party for a month if it really happens...)

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