Tuesday, September 26
I tried to figure out how to make this a picture secret, but couldn't make it strong enough.

Here's a recommendation to all those "adminstrators" and other morons: if I have already identified myself as a member of the faculty, do not say loudly -- in front of the rest of the panel -- that it's nice to have young faculty on board, even if looking like a graduate student. It's nothing but insulting, and unless I'm wearing pasties or something my appearance has nothing to do with my position (for the record -- no pasties, just a nice, ironed button-down shirt, jeans, and dress shoes, and I was sitting down).

This plays into the larger climate issues at this institution, at which women are marginalized and minorities ignored (and sometimes attacked). It does nothing to encourage retention or the development of a first class research program. Nor, for the record, does giving a talk on conflict-of-interest issues wherein every example in some way involves the faculty member's wife*.

*Hint: not all of us are men, not all of us have partners who are female, not all of us are married.


strawberries said...

OMG. I am so angry at this. And then at all the people who say that we are beyond sexism and racism.

I am sorry for you and your institution.

maybe we can send them an anonymous hey you are living in the 50's note to scare them into reality? after all, isn't this like a secret society? kidding of course...maybe.

Chartreuse Circe said...

Yup, every time somebody tells me that feminism isn't needed any more, that we can do away with affirmative action and keep the numbers of women and minorities growing, I want to hit them. Hard.

Turquoise Stuff said...

Sorry you experienced this.

So here is a question, to take this in a pro-active direction (not that there's anything wrong with your post!).

I'm wondering, what - if anything - would be a good reaction in such a situation? I'm happy to read humorous responses, but I would love to read some that are realistic, if available.

thistle said...

In response to turquoise stuff, how about:
"Yes, it's so nice to be in this department where a few faculty look like my parents and grandparents- it makes me feel right at home!"

Chartreuse Circe said...

At the time, I made a comment about not teaching that day. A colleague, to whom the comment was also addressed, went with the stare-of-death. I'm not actually sure that there _is_ anything we could have said. I _do_ look young, so it's not an unusual comment, but I've never had it repeated like that.

As to the latter incident, we've mentioned it to several people, and when I have coffee with the Dean later, I'll tell him, too.

Turquoise Stuff said...

Thistle, that is really funny.. and potentially usable so thanks for considering my request.

It's true though, there have been times when I have revised the way I tell stories, because the narrative would've reminded my colleagues that they're my parents' age and I didn't want to take the conversation in that direction.

fraud, in denim said...

I think that "little" episodes like the one you describe are directly related to your second point.

While I've never been a Pollyanna, I don't think I realized until I took my job that there was this long of a road ahead of us in the quest for gender equality.