Friday, September 8
I spent 5 hours straight tonight watching Law 'N Order reruns on TV. I think this definitely qualifies me as "resident slacker" of a.secret for the day- or at least for those 5 hours.
The truly sad thing is that it wasn't even my favorite Law and Order (Criminal Intent), but the stupid original. Oh - and the truly, truly saddest thing? I've seen a couple of tonight's episodes before.


lime said...

I was going to post a sarcastic comment of shock and horror that you spent an entire 5 hours in front of the tube, but I couldn't pull off the tone without sounding like a jackass.

So, instead, I will just note that my parents watched 5 hours of TV every night after their "real" jobs, often on different televisions in different rooms.

fraud, in denim said...

An episode of Law & Order (even one you've seen before) is good for the soul. Of course, so is a glass of wine.

Five hours of Law & Order, like five glasses of wine, might give you a hangover.

kodachrome said...

Good to see you lime! And I think the "real job" comment nails it, as does your hangover point, fraud. But, given the date, I'll bet this whole thing started because of a hangover from the September ramp-up.

fraud, in denim said...

I'm sure the stress of the last few weeks drives people to over-indulge in vices.

That probably explains my partner's now nightly trek to the television to watch Star Trek: The Next Generation. It's a good thing he's not watching Law & Order, or I'd probably join him on the couch.

Turquoise Stuff said...

Five hours of Law and Order sounds reasonable to me, although personally, I'd be more likely to find myself doing this with SVU or Criminal Intent. But I guess you were desperate.:) And hey, if there was even just one episode in there that you hadn't seen before, that's quite a find! Sounds like a great way to spend five hours.:)