Monday, August 7
Clear and I have been trying to figure out how we could showcase recent comments on the sidebar of this blog. The Blogger solution is sub-optimal (we had it on here for a while), because it presents comments by recent posts instead of most recent comments themselves (who came up with that idea?!).

We are at the point of having created a "separate" blog that displays all comments. That blog is generated automatically from information submitted to this one. What we would like to have now is a bit of javascript (or whatever script that works with Blogger) that we can put in the template of a.secret so the most recent comments show up on the sidebar right here. (There over to the right that is. --->)

Those of you who use a feed reader can just subscribe to the feed of the a.secret comments blog if you want to be completely up-to-date on happenings here. But since we doubt most/many of you do that, we would like to offer the service on the sidebar right here.

Can anyone help us? We know of a few RSS-to-javascript services out there, but they each come with their share of ads and such, unnecessary material we would like to avoid here.

To summarize, what would be of real help here is if you could send us the exact script that one would generate from the feed link above that can be put in the template file so the most recent comments (say, the most recent 30) show up in the sidebar. Thanks!


Halle Barrymoore said...

We could put a link to the comments blog in the sidebar. Maybe we should remove the rest of the stuff from the comments blog sidebar (as I don't want to have to update contributors, etc., in both places) except for an instruction that indicates to click on the bottom "academicsecret" to call up the originating post. Let me know if you think this is a good idea.

kodachrome said...

That's *exactly* what I was going to say--partly because I have no experience with java, and partly because I like the idea of a clean simple solution that doesn't clutter the sidebar (not that you should care what *I* think) and doesn make you two insane in the process (there, I care). I think the separate blog is a great solution.

Clear, I think the people who do the work should get to make the call on this stuff, but ABSOLUTELY ditch the frills in the comments blog.

Mahogany said...

I'm no coder, but I also think the comments page is a fine solution. We could all help by trying to include a tiny bit of context in the first sentence of each comment.

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