Friday, August 11


thistle said...

Um...MALE Professor's Little Helpers, unless Viagra has some other function I don't know about.

How about Valium as a gender-neutral substitute?

Turquoise Stuff said...

Actually, in Sex and the City, Samantha once took Viagra and seemed to enjoy the results quite a bit.

If I was more serious about this comment (sorry), I may actually start doing searches online to see what the effects of Viagra are on women, but I'll leave it up to someone else to do that if it's of interest.

Turquoise Stuff said...

I probably shouldn't have said "if I was more serious", I should've said "if I wasn't as exhausted as I am". I take a.secret very seriously.

twilight blue said...

Pharmaceutical companies would like very much to find "Viagra for women." The clinical trials of Viagra don't show an effect for women (which is not to say individual women might not enjoy it, a la' Samantha), though what the right measure is for female sexual function is contested (desire? doppler ultrasound measurements of blood flow? self-reported arousal?). Related, this had led to all sorts of fascinating scientific musings about the "complicated nature" of female desire and its elusive and diffuse location in... the female brain? endocrine system? psyche? The comparison, of course, is to male desire, which is posited to be more constant and less problematic - even in men with erectile dysfunction (as if that's just a mechanical issue, a problem with hydraulics) - and (as if to evoke Potter Stewart's "I know it when I see it") certainly more easily located.

Mahogany said...

Turqiouse, how nice that you take this so seriously... I think... after giving us medical advice based on something you saw on Sex and the City! (I'm kidding!)

And Twilight (a.k.a. Wild Blue Yonder)! Wow! I'll bet you just took a ton of pressure off the Canadian underground drug trade. Thanks!

I'm guessing the viagra is a confidence booster, and to take off from Thistle's point, I'll just say it's a real shame there isn't something similar for women. You know, like: "Maybe I got two rejection letters this week, but at least my flag is still flying. Where's the female equivalent for that?

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