Saturday, August 5
A busy Saturday on a.secret, and I'm sorry to push some splendid posts down the page with administrative matters, but:

1. We've recently received positive notice on BlogHer, so the first known review of a.secret in the blogosphere is a rave.

2. We are itching for more Picture Secrets (see sidebar). We were getting a nice queue going, and our hope is that if we built up some momentum somebody would admit to a murder or, worse, plagiarizing large portions of their dissertation from Megan McCafferty.

3. Special note to a.secret contributors: If you want to add a secret-preserving image to your Blogger profile, the easiest way to do this is to upload the image in a post and then paste that link into the Photo URL of your profile. Once the image is uploaded in Blogger, it is not deleted if you delete the text in the post or if you do not publish the post, so you do not have to actually include the image in a published post to use this method.

4. (Problem solved! Thanks!) Special note to generous souls who read this post but are not a.secret correspondents: We want some way of being able to track recent comments in the sidebar, but Blogger does not have this feature and the easiest work-arounds don't really work. Plaid and I are interested in trying this other workaround that requires a GMail account, but our interest in secrecy leads us to be reluctant to use our personal GMail accounts to invite ourselves. So if you have GMail invitations and would be willing to send one to asecretplaid-at-yahoo-dot-com (and maybe, since you probably have 90+ invitations anyway, asecretclear-at-yahoo-dot-com), we would much appreciate it.

5. Presently, the official time of a.secret is Greenwich Mean Time, which may be dear to one of the coordinator's hearts for reasons to remain unelaborated here. We are willing to consider declaring an alternative location for a.secret headquarters (with time zone set accordingly) if there is another place that seems fitting for our clandestine project to profess to be housed.


dawn said...

gmail invites sent. :-)

Chartreuse Circe said...

Oh, beaten to the punch!

Thanks for linking the BlogHer ref -- kudos to y'all for making a great place. I'm having a great time being here, although it is having a somewhat deterimental impact on my productivity.

Chartreuse Circe said...

Damn, I forgot to say, I like GMT (though prefer the UTC designation), and THANK YOU for adding the date as well. Most appreciated.

I wonder if I'll ever manage to post a comment without having to follow up?

Clear said...

Dawn, thanks! (As well as to a couple of other people who sent invites.)

kodachrome said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
kodachrome said...

Typos galore - 2nd try.
1. Yipee!
2. Oh geez, did you recruit some artists?
4. Is the Gmail thing gonna work? Can you run a little shell script on the stuff you had before? pipe to cut -d // | sort Something like that. (Don't get excited CC. It's just letters.)
5. Are there complaints? GMT works for me but I'll stay out of it if there are complaints.

6. #4 just makes me want to say, WOW. I had a look at the problem last week, but I couldn't tell how you get the list or how you send it back to the page, and frankly I couldn't make myself care enough to volunteer, so I just want to thank you for all the work you're putting into these great toys. The site is really spectacular!

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