Monday, July 3
Career considerations may not be the only ones for blogging under a pseudonym. One's private life may benefit from being discrete as well.

Consider the following. You are someone who blogs every little detail of your life publicly. These details include not only your favorite local ice cream hang-out spot and sushi bar, but also when your ex broke up with you, why, how it made you feel, what you think about the ex now, etc. Then one day you meet a romantic interest. Said romantic interest knows about your blog. Don't you think s/he may be just a little bit put off by the idea that as soon as s/he enters into a conversation with you (never mind whatever else may follow) her/his life will be subject to complete public scrutiny as well? Talk about a turn-off. Well, I guess that depends on your preferences. But I could see it as a big alarm flashing for plenty o' people.


Clear said...

I would think s/he could insist that your relationship was not for blogging. You'd have to be a true blog addict to be unable to respect that.

Anonymous said...

Relationships are a lower-scale concern when it comes to blogging though they may be more widespread than other topics. Yes, the relationship nonsense might put off a would-be lover but what's the point in delaying the inevitable discord and break-up?

Turquoise Stuff said...

Clear, your comment assumes that the moment you meet someone you would bother addressing this. Or that the moment you meet them you establish that you are going to start a relationship (then or at some future point). These seem like unlikely scenarios.

TD, are you suggesting that there would be an ineviable discord and break-up, because clearly the two people disagree on the extent to which they believe personal life details should be communicated to the rest of the world and eventually that will be a deal-breaker anyway?

Cerise said...

I don't really want to date someone who doesn't want me to blog. Not blog about them, okay, but as clear says, you'd have to be pretty bad off not to be able to handle that.

Turquoise Stuff said...

My point was that if you are already familiar with someone's blog and you know that they blog a lot of details of their very personal life then you may well be skeptical as to the extent to which you as a potential partner may end up on said blog.

I don't think anyone on here blogging away would want a potential partner to stop blogging altogether.:)

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