Monday, July 3
In my first foray into finding and pasting JavaScript into an HTML document myself, we now have randomized slogans. Granted, they are not all exactly clever. They will elaborate and improve if this keeps going.

Afterward, I thought that instead of slogans, we might have used the space to post things that looked like juicy secrets that could come spilling forth on this blog at any moment. Things like, "Sometimes I 'lose' Republican students' assignments out of spite" or "I've shown 41 films already this semester" or "I'm this close to seducing my Dean" or "The middle half of my dissertation was plagiarized from Harlequin novels... and no one noticed!"

The more I think about the possibilities: should we have slogans in the sidebar, or fake secrets?

Let me know if you have any other comments on the template. I'm still not sure what I think of our main text font (Optima).


Plaid said...

Could it be a mix of the two? After all, the slogans we have now are quotes, and that's what the secrets would be as well. They're all things people on here may say.

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