Thursday, July 27


Sienna said...
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Orange Ina said...

I've seen this, too, and it's extra sad. It's sad when any senior colleague goes around backstabbing a junior colleague (or anyone for that matter), but there's something extra ugly about it being done by a female colleague.

The tricky part is the following, and this may be what the last line is getting at. A junior woman might think that a senior woman will be an ally and so they befriend each other. (Sienna, I see what you're saying about some junior people not wanting to be the one friend, but let's stick to being friendly.) So anyway, the junior woman develops a good relationship with the senior woman. And THEN the senior woman strikes. That's even harder, because by then you're supposedly friends (or at least friendly) and so 1. it's completely unexpected; 2. makes it harder to address.

So I agree with the take-away message. In a new job, be careful about whom you befriend.

Salmon Ella said...

This is really sad and discouraging.

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