Saturday, July 1
If we are going to do this up proper, don't you think? I tried to think of one, but the best I could do was "We could tell you, but then we'd have to flunk you."

We could probably also do better in the links than just the Wikipedia entry for Academic and Secrets. I don't remember whose idea that was anyway. (It was Plaid's!) In any case, I'm not sure what would be links suitable to our theme.


Plaid said...

Hey, I was just trying to be helpful by putting something under links. I agree that linking to the Wikipedia entries is not particularly interesting. But at least we have some links. (Aren't those manditory on a legit blog?) The template said "Edit me" so I did.

I like the slogan you propose. We could try that for now. We can always solicit additional ones as we go along.

Clear said...

Plaid, you are so testy. Academic and Secrets are, yes, better than the Edit Me that some people have polluting their sidebar for weeks.

I would love to have several slogans that could rotate. I should try to figure out if there is a way to do this.

Plaid said...

I like "We could tell you, but then we'd have to flunk you" better than "this will not be on the test". Or is that something different?

Plaid said...

Wow, only now do I realize the level of sophistication in the slogan area of the blog. So it's rotating, how neat! That's a good way of resolving the potential issue of possible first rate slogans competing for one spot.

thistle said...

'loose lips don't get tenure.'

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