Sunday, July 23


fraud, in denim said...

Early morning office hours are the best! Of course, it's once in a blue moon that a student actually stops by during office hours.

Clear said...

Yeah, I also rarely have students stop by in office hours. So much that I sometimes presume I will have time to do specific work during my office hours, which is inevitably when students do stop by.

Orange Ina said...

I actually think the trick is to have your door open (after all, you want people to know you're in there working, right? 'cause you must be working if you're typing away at the computer or staring at the screen), but at the same time develop a culture where students know that it is NOT okay to just stop by.

I got that advice before I became a faculty member and it really helped, becase for something like this, you have to start things off exactly how you want them to stick. That is, it becomes much more difficult to change the culture once students have gotten used to just being able to stop by and interrupt you whenever. So from the first moment I established that that wasn't okay.

Of course, I will happily set up a time to meet and I let my students know that, but no random knocks please.

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