Thursday, July 20
I thought I'd do something really fitting for my debut post over here at a.secret -- what happened to my motivation?

I'm motivated to do all sorts of things (read blogs, post on blogs, sleep, read trashy novels, clean my closet), but not work. I don't know where my motivation went -- it was here a moment ago. Okay, that's probably not quite true, but it was here a few weeks ago. Now it's MIA. And it's not like this is just a phase -- it happens all the time.

I find that, an astounding amount of time, I'm not motivated to do much of anything work related. If I have a looming (firm) deadline, I get stuff done. Otherwise, not so much. So, either I'm unbelievably lazy or ... okay, I am unbelievably lazy, but I think motivation is part of it. If I'm not feeling motivated to work, well, you can figure out the rest.

So, here's my inaugural secret: I spend most of my office time doing nothing that
looks like work.


fraud, in denim said...

Here's my question: Do you do work when the door's open?

Seriously, though, as someone who suffers from a similar problem, I got a lot more work done when I went to the computer lab in grad school when all could see what I was "working" on than when I sat in my office or at home where there was no one to notice how unproductive I was.

I plan on placing my computer in a rather conspicuous place in my new office to hopefully foster the same "someone's watching" fear.

And to clarify, while this helps it's by no means a cure-all.

Clear said...

Chartreuse Circe is an awesome name, btw.

Chartreuse Circe said...

I do work with my door open, but unfortunately, the only other thing past my office is my lab, and the students tend to use the other door. So I don't get a lot of traffic. I think partially that it's just too quiet -- I wrote my whole thesis in a coffee house. Nah, I think I'm lazy.

fraud, in denim said...

If it ain't broke...

If the coffee shop worked before, why not revisit that venue? Is there a coffee shop nearby that you could work at for a while everyday, or once a week, or all summer long?

Maybe it's not the locale, or a lazy nature, but the existence of a.secret! ;)

bittersweet said...

had this been on-going or just started this summer? i usually resign myself to getting way less done in the summer than i do during the school year. it is one of the few things i find really attractive about academia-- the excuse for a somewhat real summer break.

atomic tangerine said...

I wonder if your motivation is with my motivation, off partying somewhere.

Because I have a fucking looming deadline and I'm still not getting a damn thing done.

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