Thursday, July 20
Yes! That way people could see which discussions were still raging away from past posts. Unfortunately, Blogger doesn't support a Recent Comments feature, and their purported "hack" for doing it doesn't really work either. Likewise, I would love it if we had categories/tags so that one could easily lookup all the posts from a particular one of our secret correspondents -- or view all of the Picture Secrets at once -- but Blogger doesn't support this either.

Blogger is owned by Google, and I'm used to Google producing great products, but apparently that memo didn't make it to the Blogger wing of the Googleplex. Neither Plaid nor I were great fans of Blogger when we decided it should be the home of a.secret, but we thought it would be easy for Correspondents to use and also allowed a relatively straightforward means of implementing our super-secret, patented protocol by which even we do not know who the different members of a.secret are.


Plaid said...

I found some code here and have implemented it on the sidebar. Readers should feel free to let us know if that works for them at all, or whether it's ugly/frustrating/shocking to see how much you've been commenting.:) (But don't stop, we love your commenting!)

I don't see any options to specify how many past comments we would like to have displayed. That's a bummer, the list as currently stands is a bit too long, but again, don't stop! We love your commenting.:)

Plaid said...

PS. I think the code is a bit behind in grabbing comments. So no one should use it as an indication of all recent comments. In particular, if you post a comnent and it doesn't show up on the sidebar right away, please don't repost the comment, so far it looks like people's comments are posting just fine, it may just take a bit of time for the sidebar code to pick it up.

Anonymous said...

Hey -- is there a list somewhere of the colors (hence, usernames) that are already taken?

fraud, in denim said...

I just realized the color theme. :| Should commenters have colors, too, or is that a member thing?

Plaid said...

Good idea about listing taken colors. I'll work on a list (unless Clear beats me to it).

Fraud, no, you're fine being your fraudulant self.:) Alternatively, if you'd like to join us, send me a note (info on sidebar) from a colorful email address. Hint.

Clear pointed out to me that the comments on the side are listed by post and comment not by most recent comment. That's not so good. I personally don't like it. We're still working on fixing all that. It's not obvious though, unfortunately.

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