Thursday, July 20
Some people have asked to see a list of colors that have already been "taken" so they can come up with their own names. This is a bit hard to tell. What I can do here is post a list of users who have contributed to the site under color names so far.

Clear & Plaid

Other Contributors:
Atomic Tangerine
Navy Blue Blob
Orange Ina
Salmon Ella
Turquoise Stuff

We've had other people leave comments as well (or the same people using other names, I don't know, it's all so secret!), but they have not used colors, these tend to be commenters only. I have not listed those here.

There are lots of colors in the rainbow (and in a Crayola set) so don't be shy, there must be a color combo out there to represent you.


bittersweet said...

must we use color? just found a.secret yesterday and had an anon username already, but will pick a color to keep whispering if needed. . . am thrilled to find this site. ;)

bittersweet said...

ok, previously, "missy" is now bittersweet-- couldn't resist the name when i saw it on the crayola list.

fraud, in denim said...

I can't part with fraud. It's too much of who I am.

Maybe I can be "goldenrod fraud" or something. I'll have to think about it.

Clear said...

We could perhaps put the roster in the sidebar. I'll do that later if I get some template editing time.

I hadn't really thought of the commenters using colornyms, although more power to anyone who does. And, certainly, someone astute enough to seize on bittersweet might consider joining the cabal.

Clear said...

I updated the sidebar to include the known colors to date. The list and links are manually rather than automatically generated, so there may be errors.

Also, an early post was an FAQ on the color issue.

Plaid said...

Fraud, I think you could definitely hold onto your name while perhaps adding some color. Several people have names with two parts. So you could be Firered Fraud or Fraud Fern or whatnot (doesn't have to start with an F either:).

I like the names people are picking, cool!

fraud, in denim said...

I emailed you, Plaid. :)

Clear said...

I've added colors of contributors to the sidebar.

thistle said...

Clear Rocks! Thanks for adding the colors!

Chartreuse Circe said...

I love the sidebar with the contributor colors! Very very neat, guys!

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